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Vtion color Series V1816 - Personality thumb drive mini wireless data card launched into market

March 24, 2008

In March, a new generation of wireless data card, the Vtion color series V1816, was launched as scheduled. V1816's appearance is miniature and exquisite like a thumb drive, taking into account the wireless internet access and 1GB of storage function, the card succeeds in combining wireless a data card and a thumb drive into a single unit. This accords with the principle of „practical digital plus wireless internet access" which is the concept for the new generation of products. The V1816 takes the lead in launching the personality concept of "Xpress-on color covers", which provides users with personalized choices. Users can change the front of color panels based on their preferences.


The V1816's powerful appearance is tailor-made for business people. V1816 uses a USB direct plug, suitable for all kinds of computers, to support two-way voice communications and messaging, and provides traffic statistics, call records, phone book and other features. In addition, the V1816 product suite includes a Mobile Business Express member card, facilitates user inquiries and allows for air tickets and hotel booking, which are all unique conveniences provided to users.

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